Webex Meetings Best Practices

Download Webex Meetings

Desktop version (Mac or PC) - https://www.webex.com/downloads.html
You can also download the phone app from your handset's app store.

Find a quiet, comfortable place to work

Background noise can be distracting to other participants.

Grab some headphones to reduce distractions and feedback

Headphones are good. They will let you hear other speakers without your mic picking up the sound. Headsets (like apple earbuds) with a mic are even better!

Turn on your webcam, and mute your mic when you're not talking

Muting other people

Hover over a participant's picture, and you'll be able to mute them.
Publicly posting a meeting link means anyone with the link can join up!

Use grid view to see all participants at once

Last modified 1yr ago