Distance Learning

Distance learning enables students to access learning activities from home while school is closed. Assignments, lessons, and activities will be provided to classes by the classroom teacher. Distance learning provides flexibility in when, where, and how students access learning.

Classroom teachers will contact each student and/or parent on how to access classroom assignments. Most teachers are using Google Classroom or Canvas to provide and collect assignments. Teachers are also utilizing WebEx to host video conferencing meetings with students.
Please contact your child’s teacher for additional information or help with assignments.hat are the student expectations:
Grade level/content teachers will communicate directly with students and parents regarding assignments and due dates.

Teachers will provide a variety of activities/assignments. Some will be for a formal grade and others will be to assist teachers in determining the students’ level of understanding of specific skills. Any assignments that will be used as a formal grade will be labeled as such. Teachers will work with students individually to meet requirements of any IEP, Section 504, ELL plans. Please contact your child’s teacher with questions regarding the grading of any assignments.
Special education and ELL teachers are working closely with general education teachers to ensure work is appropriate and modified as necessary. Student progress will continue to be closely monitored by case managers so that needed adjustments can be made.
Special education teachers and instructional staff will make every effort to deliver the services and service minutes indicated in each student’s IEP utilizing the platforms available.
Please reach out directly to your student’s teacher should you have questions or for guidance on how to assist your child at home.

If you are having trouble accessing your child's grade book, please email [email protected]
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