General Questions

When will school facilities reopen?

School facilities will stay closed for the 2019-2020 school year, ending in May. Reopening will be determined at a later date.

Will the school year be extended into the summer?

TEA has issued guidance that school districts will be granted waivers for days missed as long as instructional support is being provided to students. The district will apply for the waiver and does not anticipate the school year extending into any days in the summer of 2020.

Is the high school prom still scheduled for April 3rd?

No, prom has been postponed to May 16th. This is contingent on any city, county, and state regulations still in place at that point in time.

Will the school closure affect graduation?

The graduation time and date have not been changed at this time. If the school closure extends further to the end of the school year, it is possible that plans may be altered. Families will be notified immediately by the high school if any changes are made.
Last modified 1yr ago